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Wed Oct 13 15:51:04 EST 1999

At the risk of sounding too commercial, I would like you all to know
that, in conjunction with Clontech, Omega Optical has developed 
new filter sets for RFP (DsRed is the official name of the FP) .  
More information will be available on our web site early next week, 
but if anyone has specific questions, I would be happy to answer 
them off-list.

Jennifer Kramer

Jennifer Kramer
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I found a pdf-file on Red-FP. It looks great!
Check it out at: http://www.clontech.com/archive/OCT99UPD/pdf/RFP.pdf


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> Hi all.
> Has anyone heard about a new Red-FP?
> Best,
> Gregers Gram
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> H:S Hvidovre Hospital
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