membrane ruffling

David Tucker David.Tucker at REMOVETHIS.hsn.csiro.au
Thu Oct 14 03:21:35 EST 1999

Hi there;

I'm hoping someone can point me in the direction of a resource
(text/journal/on-line) regarding membrane ruffling and how to tell if
your cells are doing it. I'm presently trying to look at this event in
3T3 fibroblasts using fluorescently labelled phalloidin. From images in
journal articles, I think I can tell what membrane ruffling looks like
'optimally' (ie: most piccies of ruffling published would presumably be
the 'best specimens').   

A few questions:

Are there different 'degrees' or 'extents' of ruffling? For instance, is
ruffling preceded by a breakdown of the meshwork of actin stress fibres
I see in basal/unstimulated cells? 

What percentage of cells do you expect to see ruffling their membranes
following growth factor stimulation?

What is the best way to quantitate this? 

Ideally I would like to be directed to some good texts on this subject
if at all possible...perhaps on of the "Methods in...." series.

Thanks for your time;


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