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Scientific Laws in Human Developement

Developing Skills in Fields of Interest = Productive Personality.

     Do you give positive attention while one is being good!  According
to Doctor Fitzhough Dodson some learned theonly way to receive attention
was through inappropriate behavior.  As long as one was good one may
have been ignored.  Some who ignored others while they were being good
may have felt compelled to give instant focused attention for
misbehavior.  Misbehavior was therefore attention.  Misbehavior became a
social life.  The person believed the behavior was who they were.
Others thought the behavior was who the person was also.  The behavior
received attention from those in the environment and all allied forces
producing further teasing for social recognition. While wasting
productive time other needs failed to be met causing the need to feed
off productive  forces.  Changing who one became depends upon the
process.  In the past some thought undesirableness called punishment
would stop unwanted actions. Authoritarians did not know punishment, a
behavior recognizer, temporarily suppresses behavior while at the same
time gives
social and self recognition causing the behavior to repeat.  Punished
behavior repeats.  Recognizing the difference between the behavior and
the individual do give the individual attention.  Doctor Dodson suggests
distracting and redirecting the individual to fun learning activities.
Give recognition to behaviors which lead to productive behavior.
Applying "Extinction Technique" give zero recognition to behaviors one
wishes not to be repeated.  Recognized productive behavior becomes
repeated productive behavior.  Generative personalities develop.
Scientific studies by recorded observation of behavior under precise
behavior recognition conditions produced the results:  Recognized
Behavior Repeats.  (How to Parent by Doctor Fitzhough Dodson which I
read July 1974 and applied.)

     These scientific facts may not have been available to you and
others before so forgive yourself and others for the unchangeable past
which nothing can change including punishment and focus upon life's
qualities being specific and investigative.  Make a future.

     Providing fun safe multiple choice learning experiences for
expression in individuality in an environment which is safe to function
within develops interest in learning while continual watching and
providing for interests extends and expands learning.  Extended expanded
play learning is "Emergent Curriculum" in the Early Childhood Education
Field.  During play children learn to use symbols, written sign verbal
pictorial musical constructive language, to communicate.  The book "One
Hundred Languages of Children" by Carolyn Edwards is the story of
Italy's child development Reggio Emilia Schools.  Learning projects at
Reggio Emilia are self discovery. Children think through how to create
and construct. During play the children test their theories.  Children
are inspired to inquisitiveness as result of the teacher's provocative
questions.  Chapter nine is the true story of five four-year-old
children who draw a life scale dinosaur.  The children searched out and
found within the school yard a place large enough to draw a dinosaur.
Since learning how to measure is self discovery the school provided for
the children's access may measuring stick, "Rods" for the children to
place side by side showing the precise height and length of the
dinosaur.  The school spare no rods.  Cubit rods measure cubits.
Projects are displayed at community gatherings giving each child a sense
of community.  Recognition of correct principles applied to create each
project is given by community observers.  Rods sometimes used in Child
Education to show quantities are Quizinairy  Rods.  Each uniform section
on the rod is displayed by color.  Eachconsecutive rod is one unit
longer.  Rods make useful levers.  Rods reach under and pull out items a
person can not reach.  A walking stick is a sturdy "rod".  Children
attain higher principles.

     Quoting Doctor Dodson, "What is the ultimate goal we are working
toward in the training of our children?  If we reflect deeply on this
question, most of us would say that our ultimate
goal is to produce an adult who has learned self-regulation,  who has
learned to exercise his freedom in a responsible way."  "A mother is a
baby's first social life."  "A baby's wants are a baby's needs."  "The
learner must be in condition to learn."  "Give your child a positive
model of what he should do."  Mothers and fathers set an example as
learning discovery information gatherers.  Mother,father, and children
share learning experiences providing all education attention.

     Babies want a social skills development learning day. Infancy is an
optimum time to learn social skills.  Social infants tend to have their
needs met according to scientific studies by recorded observation.
People respond to social infants.  (The Developing person by Berger)

     Doctor Fitzhough Dodson believes basic honesty is learned through
the appropriate meeting of honest needs when one is honestly sleepy and
honestly hungry.  Messages by the blood stream requesting energy are
honest biological messages.  Baby's respect for personal property is
gained by having personal property others respect.  Baby sees others
meeting needs and matures into the desire to meet needs also.  Respect
includes the owner's personal power over decisions to share including
consideration and respect to the givers of gifts.

     My self-regulating infants slept when their bodies needed sleep.
Since my infants had interesting active days they slept well at night.
During the day they werefree to nap.  Toddlers wake up hungry for
Break/Fast after early A.M. sleeping.  Meals and snacks follow

     My self-regulated infants were on a self-demand feeding schedule as
taught in the book "The Womanly Art of Breast Feeding" by La Leache
League.  Baby's amount of hunger as a result of baby's rate of growth
determines how much breast milk is produced.  When baby feeds more often
milk production is increased.  Baby nurses less often when milk
production catches up with baby's growing need.  Breast care and the
need for infant sucking are accomplished at the same time as baby
completely empties a breast assuring clear free flowing ducts.  The only
challenge for mother is to be sure baby is not feeding from boredom by
always providing baby something interesting to do. The rim of a long
collar tucked gently over baby's upper lip modestly includes mother and
baby in the social environment.  A nursing shield protects mother's skin
from baby's cutting teeth.

     Potty using is the child's self-regulated function.  When my
daughter was 2 1/4 I bought her a pair of white and a pair of blue
satiny lacy panties.  She loved them so much she learned instantly with
not one accident.  She was self-learned.

     Self-regulating productive play educated persons develop into
productive citizens.  The process of meeting needs which used to be
called work is now Playing Productively.  Self-Governing people form a
democracy.  Democracy Occurs.

     Clean living peoples enhance our earth's vitality restoring and
nurturing a clean planet.

     Family fusion bonds families.  Extinct family fission.  Families
and homes meet needs since people nurturing their home and family adds
to cleanly vitality of our earth.  Homes which nurture good behavior
develop members who's behavior
does not need restricting by high energy prices.  The earth is free to
have alternative energy.  Workers in oil producing nations are leaning
skills to advance their nation into higher skilled higher paid labor
services.  Citizen's playing productively needs will be met.

     As protection against naivety we need to develop a social science
of how to develop into effective planet and human developers influences
such as ones who plan to make a secure continual living on wrong human
development and gain business by giving bad advice.

     Biological feedback equipment can detect body functions and
transmit discomfort causing one to buy relief.  Paid behavior repeats.
Pay only for what you want and want to want.  Redirect to honest
earnings.   Discourage stock in over the counter repair and profits in
other repair also.

     Those who tell you what not to do may be rebellious themselves and
while you are not picking up your baby and holding your baby their not
picking up their baby and holding their baby is imagination.  I listened
to my baby and let such advice sail off in the wind.  Goal focusing
keeps Toddlers going in a positive direction.  When occasionally he was
still enough holding him became treasure moments until he grew so big
night time story time on mom's lap changed into mom at the piano.  With
the help of carriers and smuggles holders my baby was always with me.

     The best human developers served in many lands accomplishing
sincere human development around the world.  Human development knowledge
is catching up with world progress.  Demand for human developers
increases as increasing world democracy continues to close military
bases.  Military persons adapt to hospitality within increasing world
self-governing human development.  The future is a new place.

Permission to Copy, Publish, and Broadcast.   Janet Malmstrom

Written 1996 and Published.

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