Natural proteins in WBC - light absorption

Dmitri Lapotko ld at NS1.HMTI.AC.BY
Mon Oct 18 11:58:08 EST 1999

Dear Group,

I apologize for using this group for posting a question but any your
input will be highly appreciated. I am a physicist and I met some problems during 
attempt to calibrate our equipment (photothermal microscope) for measuring living 
WBC properties. Could you advice please about:

1. What is absorption spectrum for intact WBC in visible range?
2. Are there any natural photoactivated proteins?
3. What are light absorption wavelengths for them, range of interest is 400-600 nm?
4. What are molecular mechanisms for such photoactivation?

Thanks in advance

Dmitri Lapotko, Ph.D.

Luikov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute
15, Brovka Street
Minsk, 220072


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