A question about GFP

Matt Hicks matth at NOSPAM.biols.sussex.ac.uk
Thu Oct 21 08:51:59 EST 1999

you could try engineering in a protease recognition sequence between the GFP
and your protein:
for example:
Enterokinase site cuts at ^
(I have not tried this - so I don't know if it will work!)
Good luck

yue jiang wrote in message <380A354A.889E069C at iastate.edu>...
>Hi, all,
>I plan to make a GFP fusion protein.
>I want to know if there is any methods to quench or specifically degrade
>GFP but keep the other part of my fusion protein intacted.
>Any suggestion are very appreciated.
>e-mail: qizhang at iastate.edu

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