EYFP, Western blotting and Immunogold blotting

Life Xiao lifex at YAHOO.COM
Sat Oct 23 19:07:17 EST 1999


I will use EYFP to tag the avrPto gene of a bacterial
pathogen and monitor its subcellular localization in
the host tomato plant if the fusion protein can be
secreted into tomato cell as predicted. Immunogold
blotting will be used as a backup method to localize
the AvrPto protein. I am not very familiar with either
of the two methods. Could you please tell me how
sensitive EYFP is? The fluorescence of how many
molecules of EYFP in a cell is strong enough to be
visible under a microscope? Is immunogold blotting
or even standard Western blotting more sensitive than
EYFP tagging? Thank you very much for your kind help
in advance. I am looking forward to hearing from you
as early as possible. 

Best wishes,

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