Response to Kate Sunn's colocalization question.

David R. Cool david.cool at WRIGHT.EDU
Tue Oct 26 09:16:33 EST 1999


I have been creating fusion proteins with EGFP,  EYFP and prohormones 
for over a year and colabeling with both rhodamine and texas red. 
Like the other response, I fix in 2% PFA with 0.1% triton X100. After 
staining, mount using Biomeda's Gel Mount. I have found that it is 
very good at preserving fluorescence. I have some slides dating back 
6 years that still have their fluorescence.
Two things to be careful about though. 1) fix the cells with a good 
paraformaldehyde (I use EMS's EM grade PFA). A friend in another lab 
makes his own PFA and the GFP tends to quench over a few weeks time. 
and 2) be careful of the UV light on your samples. I have seen some 
very fast quenching with the UV filter on our microscope. Even the 
Rhodamine filter can diminish the GFP fluorescence.

Good luck

David Cool

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