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The 2nd INTERNATIONAL MAREP Conference on Marker genes and Reporter genes in
Microbial Ecology will be held in Stockholm, Sweden from December 4-7,
1999.  Session
topics include the following:

1)Marker genes for monitoring microorganisms in environmental samples
(including intrinsic markers)
2) Reporter genes for monitoring bacterial gene expression in the
environment (including biosensors)
3) Methods for detection and monitoring of specific microorganisms in nature
4) Biosafety of genetically modified microorganisms in nature
5) Microbial activity in the environment
6) Microbial cell communication and signalling in the environment
7) Biotechnological applications of microorganisms for the environment and
(including bioremediation, biofertilizers and biocontrol)

MAREP is an EU Concerted action of scientists. The MAREP partner list is
given below:
Janet Jansson (coordinator, Sweden)
Ron Atlas (USA)
Mark Bailey (UK)
Victor de Lorenzo (Spain)
Frans de Bruijn (USA)
Max Mergeay (Belgium)
Anne Glover (UK)
Ken Killham (UK)
James Prosser (UK)
Kersti Gustafsson (Sweden)
Kirsten Jorgensen (Finland)
Matti Karp (Finland)
Soren Molin (Denmark)
Alun Morgan (UK)
Marco Nuti (Italy)
Ole Nybroe (Denmark)
James Oliver (USA)
Antonio Palomares (Spain)
Werner Selbitschka (Germany)
Alf Puhler (Germany)
Christoph Tebbe (Germany)
Martin Romantschuk (Finland)
Eva Top (Belgium)
Vigdis Torsvik (Norway) M
J.D. van Elsas (The Netherlands)
Jozef Vanderleyden (Belgium)
Elizabeth Wellington (UK)
Phil Hill (UK)

Please contact Janet Jansson (janet at biokemi.su.se) for more information
about this
conference for a scientific programme and registration information.

Dr. Janet Jansson
Associate Professor
Department of Biochemistry
Stockholm University
S-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: +46-8-16 2469
Fax: +46-8-15 3679
email: janet at biokemi.su.se


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