GFP and jelly fish

steph steph at vif.com
Mon Sep 20 20:56:35 EST 1999

In the jelly fish the excitation of the GFP comes from an other protein...
the luciferase... In a procedd called Resonance energy transfer, part of the
luciferase energy is transmitted non-radiatively to the GFP... This way GFP
lits up...

Good luck

Stephane Angers

Himadri K Samanta a écrit dans le message <37E68EA4.CECF8BBE at bms.com>...
>I was wondering how the green fluorescent protein works in jelly
>fish. If it glows at night, how does GFP gets the light for
>excitation? What is the usefulness of it to the jellyfish? Does
>other organism also carry similar protein? Thanks.

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