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Wed Apr 5 01:55:12 EST 2000

  => How to get the 1st and ONLY FREE PCS Digital Cell Phone with:

  =>> NO Long Distance and NO Roaming Charges.

  =>>> Call anytime you want too.

  =>>>> Now Available on the Net for a Limited Time.

  That's right! You get a FREE PCS "Dual-Band " Digital Cell Phone.
  You SAVE over $125.00 !!!

  Don't miss out on using the best NATIONWIDE DIGITAL PCS NETWORK!!!

  Your "Free" Digital Phone includes the following:
  => Your choice of a NEW Samsung or Qualcomm Thin Phone
  => You pay No Activation Fee.
  => You Risk Nothing.

  Order Now and You Get:
  + FREE Long Distance and Roaming.
  + FREE Caller ID.
  + FREE Call Waiting.
  + FREE Call Forwarding.
  + FREE Three Way Calling
  + FREE VoiceMail.
  + FREE Paging. [Get rid of your pager bill.]
  + FREE Home Charger.

  + PLUS, You Get The First Incoming Minute FREE.

  Your NEW phone is...
  => Slim and Lightweight -- just 6 oz.
  => Easy to use.

  You will enjoy...
  * Crystal Clear Sound.
  * CDMA technology protects your calls against eavesdropping.
  *  Voice Activated Dialing and Voice Memo with the Samsung model.
  *  The best and largest digital carrier in the USA.

  You get FREE Delivery by UPS within just 10-15 working days
  of approval.

  * * * 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee * * *

  Just fill out the form below and fax it to us. One of our
  professional Cell Phone experts will promptly call you to
  complete the setup process.

  Bad credit is NO PROBLEM.
  You'll be notified if a deposit is needed to activate your new 

  TO ORDER your FREE CELL PHONE, just print the form below. Then
  fax it to the number below. You should have your new Cell Phone
  within 10-15 business days after your service is set up.

  Is there any question that this is an incredible opportunity?

  Apply now for the best wireless phone service for the new millennium
  and get your new "FREE" PCS digital Cell Phone.

  Sound too good to be true?  We're going to make this an easy
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  Fax your application before April 10, 2000 and you get a certificate
  for THREE EXCITING DAYS and TWO FUN FILLED NIGHTS in a mini-suite at
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  resort destinations including Branson and Cancun.

  Fax your application in the next 72 hours and you get a certificate
  for over $500 in Casino Benefits to use with your vacation to
  Reno/Lake Tahoe or Las Vegas. Anaheim and Orlando Fun Books are also
  available that offer discount entertainment and meals.

  This vacation package alone will save you more than $700.00 !!!

  ** So what's the catch? Companies are scrambling for new customers.
  They're taking risks like never before to get new business. The
  hotels know that once you have experienced their services, you'll
  want to come back. It's a great way for them to advertise.

  Fax the application before April 10th and you get a Continental
  Advantage credit card with a $4,000 line of credit "PLUS" a $100
  Merchandise Certificate to use just like CASH.

  You can't lose!!!

  DON'T WAIT to get started ...DO IT NOW!!!

  To receive your Vacation Certificates, mail a self-addressed,
  stamped envelope to:
      Network Special Offers    [netcell-offer]
      2133 East 9400 South, #110
      Sandy, Utah  84093,  U.S.A.

  PS. There are a limited number of vacation certificates that will be
  given out on a first-come, first-serve bases to those who fax their
  application by midnight April 10, 2000.

  Go Ahead And Fax Your Application Now!

  Thank you for reading this e-mail,

  Opt-In Marketing Concepts
  Copyright 2000, All Rights Reserved

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  Fax Order Center:  (312) 803-9668

  Please TYPE or PRINT CLEARLY. Fax ONLY this application.
  No blank fields.

  [Sorry, no coverage currently available to residents of MT, MS, NC,
  SC, AK]

  "VERY CLEARLY" Print or Type         (04BW)

  YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS: _________________________________

  First:__________________ M.I. ____ Last:__________________________

  Address ______________________________________ Apt# ___________

  City _______________________________ ST ________ Zip _________

  County _______________________ [NEEDED TO FIND YOUR COVERAGE AREA]

  SS# ________________________ Date Of Birth ______/_____/___________

  DL# __________________________ Exp. Date _____/_____/_______

  Home Ph# (___)_______________ [NO PAGER NUMBERS]

  Work Ph# (____)_____________ Ext# ______ [NO PAGER NUMBERS]

  Best Time To Call _________________________ Time Zone: _____________

  YOUR Business or EMPLOYER Information:  (04BW)

  Check one: ____ Self Employed  ____ Employee

  If Self Employed, please enter your Business License # ____________
  or Sales Tax ID #_____________

  Company or Employer NAME:

  Address: ______________________________________

  City:_______________________________ST:________ Zip:_________

  Phone #:______________________

  Check the phone you want:
  ___ Sanyo 3000   ___ Qualcomm Thin Phone

  Available Calling Plans:
                            =>  120  Anytime minutes per month!!!
                            =>  500  Anytime minutes per month!!!
                            =>  700  Anytime minutes per month!!!
                            =>  1,000  Anytime minutes per month!!!
                            =>  1,500  Anytime minutes per month!!!
                            =>  2000  Anytime minutes per month!!!

  Best of all, every plan exclusive to this offer, allows you the
  freedom to upgrade or downgrade at any time!!!

  One of our professional Cell Phone experts will promptly call you to
  help you choose the plan that best fits your needs.

  Signature: ______________________________ Date: ____/____/_______

  NO UP-FRONT MONEY -- your first bill comes within 30 days from
  receipt of phone.
  [2 year Air Time contract, O.A.C.]         (04BW)

  Authorization for credit check and contract approved by my

  Check your application status by calling:  1-888-248-1136

  Fax Order Center:  (312) 803-9668


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  IMPORTANT NOTE: An independent marketing company will be
  processing your free bonus's and not the cell phone provider
  or the company sending this email. So don't forget to send
  your self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Network Special
  Offers, 2133 East 9400 South, #110, Sandy, UT 84093


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