DsRed/RFP survey

Beat Ludin bludin at lis.ch
Fri Aug 25 07:50:54 EST 2000

Hello everybody

Have you worked with DsRed/RFP fusion constructs, successfully or 
unsuccessfully? If so, it would be great if you could participate in 
a little survey.
I have been approached by several researchers having trouble to get 
fluorescent fusion constructs with DsRed (in most cases, the same 
construct was fine when a different fluorescent protein was used). I 
also know of others who were successful, but so far no pattern has 
emerged from the small data set I have available. To get more data, I 
would like you to answer as many of the questions below as possible 
(of course, I'm not asking you to disclose any information you wish 
to keep to yourself for the time being). To avoid cluttering the 
newsgroup, please reply to me privately (bludin at lis.ch). I will post 
a summary to the newsgroup at the end of the survey.

Thanks in advance,



What protein was DsRed fused to?
	Type (soluble, transmembrane, ...)?
	Subcellular location?

What did the fusion construct look like?

Was a linker included?
	Type or sequence?

What systems was the fusion construct expressed in?

Was the fusion protein fluorescent?

Did the fusion partner appear functional?

Imaging setup used?


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