unstable EGFP (d2EGFP)

Jens Tornoe jtNOjtSPAM at neurosearch.dk.invalid
Thu Feb 17 03:36:44 EST 2000

I am using the d4EGFP for studying promoter activities in
various cell lines (CHO, HEK293 and HiB5). d4EGFP has a half-
life of 4 hours, according to CLONTECH. In my hands, it works
great. Naturally, the fluorescence is not as bright as 'wild-
type' EGFP, but it is still easily detectable in a conventional
fluorescence microscope. We have quantified expression levels
using a fluorscanner and FACS'ing of cells should be no problem
at all.

We also had problems with the long half-life of normal EGFP and
therefore decided to use the unstable variant. So far, it has
worked fine.

Good luck!

Jens Tornøe
Dept. of Molecular Biology
NsGene, Denmark

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