Fluorescent imaging

Beat Ludin bludin at lis.ch
Thu Feb 17 06:41:46 EST 2000

Intersting idea. If the phosphorimager is specified to work with 
fluorescein (or dyes like Cy2, Oregon Green or Alexa 488), you can 
assume that it'll work for EGFP, too. And yes, 473nm will work fine 
for EGFP.
As always, how good it will work for a particular application is of 
course a question of sensitivity, expression levels and background 
fluorescence. Also, if I remember correctly, most of the 
phosphorimagers have a spatial resolution of about 100ppi. That would 
not be enough to resolve single cells of course (which doesn't mean 
that you won't see them, you just won't be able to tell whether a 
bright pixel represents 1 or several cells).



>Hi all
>My department is about to buy a phosphorimager with fluorescent
>abilities such as the FLA-3000 from FUJI. I would like to use
>the imager to screen EGFP expressing cells, but we have not been
>able to get ant specific information about EGFP detection from
>FUJI or other fluorescent imager producers. The FLA-3000 can be
>equipped with a 473nm laser, which in my opinion should allow
>for EGFP detection.
>ANY comment on the matter would be highly appreciated. The sales
>representatives we have been in touch with haven't been excactly
>bursting with knowledge on the subject...
>Jens Torn¯e
>Dept. of Molecular Biology
>NsGene, Denmark
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