Media for growing Ecoli/GFPuv

John S. Fox ltr at lightools.com
Thu Feb 17 13:19:42 EST 2000

Dr. Monaghan
There is one solution to your problem. Use non-uv light. If you change
vectors to the EGFP variant and use visible light to excite the GFP this
would reduce your background problem. In the Clontech data base the
fluorescence intensity is for EGFP is 35x vs. GFPuv18x. As for a non-uv
light source Lightools Research, whom I work for makes several
instruments for just that applications, the LT-9500 was designed with
EGFP in mind. The LT-9500 filter set is designed to maximize signal by
matching excitation filter 470nm and the emission filter 515nm longpass.
By not using UV the background fluorescence is greatly reduced and no
special media is required.  The plastic in you plates could also add
background. An example of a EGFP plate being viewed by the LT-9500
Illumatool TLS can be found at the Lightools Web site www.lightools.com 
(note the low background). If you decide to work with the new dsRFP
Lightools as tested that and has the need filters set in stock. I hope
this is a help and good luck with your research. 

John S. Fox
Lightools Research
ltr at lightools.com
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John S. Fox
Lightools Research
Phone 760-632-0677
Fax 760-632-0778

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