GFP resistance to fixation

Boureau Tristan boureau at biocenter.helsinki.fi
Fri Feb 18 09:42:39 EST 2000

Dear all,
Of course GFP is a tool developped for living organisms studies, but 
I was still wondering if ever it could resist to some kind of 
treatment for fixation.
Indeed I have GFP tagged bacteria, and I look their localisation with 
confocal microscope but I d like to couple this with some more 
classical fluorescence microscopy which needs making thin cuts of 
fixed tissues. So is there a method that would allow me to fix 
without destroying GFP.
thanks in advance

Tristan Boureau
Biocenter Helsinki, Department of Biosciences
Division of General Microbiology, PO Box 56
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki, FINLAND
E-mail tristan.boureau at helsinki.fi 
tel: (00 358) (09)708 59 655
     (00 358) (0)50 329 58 07

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