Saffron Smyth smyths at icrf.icnet.uk
Mon Feb 28 10:04:44 EST 2000

I want to look at DsRED fluorescence in mouse lung tissue after transfection
with pDsRED1-N1. I have noticed that with detection of other fluorescent
proteins eg.EGFP that there is a high level of autofluorescence such that
this cannot be distunguished from any transfected EGFP. I have heard that
the detection of DsRED is outside the normal range of autofluorecence - is
this true? I also know there is a specific filter set for DsRED (558 Ex./583
Em.) but I would like to know if anyone has used this succesfully to cut out
autofluoresence before I purchase one.

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