ImagePoint and CamTest and IPLab question

T. Max M. Soegaard tmms at mbio.aau.dk
Wed Jan 19 03:23:42 EST 2000

Hi all.
I have acquired an ImagePoint CCD camera
(Photometrics) with a Macintosh-grabber
card (Nubus based). This is an older
model camera but it still takes exellent
pictures when used in conjunction with
flourescence microscope. Photometrics
does not support this camera any  more
and my problem is this: It seems the
only program able to use the driver for
the camera is the IPLab program from
Scanalytics (was Signal Analytics).  Now
this is not in our budget so what I am
looking for is something like the
camtest program that is able to access
the camera through the driver and then
save grabbed images in some readable
form. If you know of a solution: Please
help -  I would be most grateful.
Max Soegaard
email: tmms at mbio.aau.dk

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