GFP in Motion II : Call for Contributions

Beat Ludin bludin at lis.ch
Fri Jun 2 10:50:09 EST 2000

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Dear friends

Since the release of "GFP in Motion"  (a free CD-ROM produced by 
Trends in Cell Biology and featuring more than 150 time-lapse movies 
of dynamic biological processes) in December 1998, we have received a 
lot of positive and enthusiastic feedback. So first of all, we would 
like to thank again all of the contributors who have made this 
success possible.

In the last two years, the field of fluorescent proteins and their 
applications have advanced and expanded greatly and thus we have 
decided to produce a follow-up. We are happy to announce "GFP in 
Motion II" (working title GiM2). Like it's predecessor, GiM2 will be 
dedicated to applications of fluorescent proteins in the 
visualization of dynamic biological processes. The CD-ROM will 
feature examples from all areas of biological research and will be 
distributed as a freebie.

This is an opportunity for you to make your movies and time-lapse 
sequences available to a broad audience. If you would like to have 
your contribution considered for inclusion, please send a message 
with a brief description of the materials you want to provide to 
GFPinMotion at lis.ch as soon as possible. You are also encouraged to 
submit your completed contribution immediately for consideration - 
see below for instructions - however, we can not guarantee its 
inclusion on the CD-ROM at this point.

The deadline for the submission of completed contributions is JULY 31, 2000

Author Instructions: Please provide 1-5 image sequences, each with a 
short self-explanatory legend, and a background text section 
including an introduction and a materials & methods section.
Detailed instructions as well as a "standard" example will become 
available at 
ftp://ftp.eslo.co.uk/GiMII/Instructions/instructions.html no later 
than June 10.

Copyright: Contributors retain the copyright for the data provided 
and are allowed to use it for peer-reviewed research reports without 
requesting consent from the publisher of GiM2.

With best regards,
			Beat Ludin

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