ICHC 2000

Gary Coulton g.coulton at ic.ac.uk
Wed Jun 7 06:04:15 EST 2000

Dear Friend,

ONLY 8 WEEKS TO GO UNTIL ICHC 2000 (3-8 Sept. York University, UK)

Abstracts are still welcome.

Register by the week or by the day.

For more details see the attached HTML file and follow the links to the
ICHC 2000 web-site.

Best wishes

Gary Coulton
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<center><b><font size=+4>ICHC 2000</font></b>
<br><b>11th International Congress of histochemistry and Cytochemistry</b>
<p><b><font size=+2>"Cell Biology Tools for the New Century"</font></b>
<p><b><font size=+2>ONLY 8 WEEKS TO GO!&nbsp;</font><font size=-1>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;
</font><font size=+2>ABSTRACTS STILL WELCOME THROUGH JUNE</font></b></center>

<p><font size=+1><b>ICHC 2000</b> is the premier meeting this year to address
the very latest developments in visualisation techniques for Cell Biology.
to be held in the magical medieval city of York, England between 3-8 September
<p><font size=+1>We have a fabulous speaker list of over 100 including
some of the biggest names in Cell Biology and Imaging such as Roger Tsien,
Lance Liotta, Morris Karnovsky, Hans Tanke, Jim Coull, Richard Haugland,
Fred Bosman, Alan Boyde, Stefan Hell, Alan Fine, Angela Brand, Margaret
Buckingham, Nick White, Angus Lamond, David Becker, and many, many more.</font>
<p><font size=+1><b>Topics include</b> ?Tracking Molecules in Cells, Fluorescent
markers of Gene Expression, Diagnosis and Prognosis in Cancer, Live Cell
Imaging in plants and Fungi, Apoptosis, Cell Signalling, Ubiquitin, Environmental
toxicology, Imaging Embryonic Development, Ion Imaging in Cells, Imaging
in the Neurosciences etc., etc. etc.</font>
<p><font size=+1>Register for the week or by the day if you prefer.</font>
<p><font size=+1>Come for a holiday as well as the science we can offer
many great excursions.</font>
<p><b><font size=+1>For more information and details of how to register
please visit our web-site at</font></b>
<center><b><font size=+3><a href="http://www.med.ic.ac.uk/external/ichc_2000">www.med.ic.ac.uk/external/ichc_2000</a></font></b>

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Dr. Gary Coulton
Molecular Pathology
Division of Biomedical Sciences
Imperial College School of Medicine
The Sir Alexander Fleming Building
South Kensington
London SW7 2AZ

TEL. ++44 020 7594 3190
FAX. ++44 020 7594 3022
e-mail g.coulton at ic.ac.uk

Announcing the 11th International Congress of Histochemistry and
Cytochemistry (ICHC 2000)

"Cell Biology and Imaging Tools for the New Century"

September 3-8, 2000, York, United Kingdom

ICHC 2000 comprises 27 symposia addressing latest developments and
applications of histochemistry and cytochemistry in the life sciences
including medicine.

Many leading experts to speak

8 weeks to go! Register for the week or by the day!

For further details go to http://www.med.ic.ac.uk/external/ichc_2000

See you there.

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