DsRed fusion-proteins

Holger Fehr fehr at biozentrum.uni-wuerzburg.de
Sun Jun 18 05:47:32 EST 2000


A question to all of you using DsRed.

I recently measured the excitation-/emmision spectra if a
DsRed-fusionprotein expressed in HEK293T cells. I found a very narrow
excitation spectrum with a peak at 572 nm, ranging from app. 560 to 590 nm,
instead if the broad excitationspectrum described by Clontech (max.: 558
nm). The emmisionspectrum of the fusion protein had a very broad peak (from
app. 595 to 615 nm) with 50% max. values at 585/635 nm, significantly
different to the one published (max.: 583 nm).

a) has anyone seen similar spectra for their fusionproteins ? 

                   is this a general phenomenon ?

b) if so, this might be a reason why some dsRed-constructs can not be
excitated by a standard argon laser (488/514 nm) as a light source, as some
people have complained in here.

Waiting for your comments,

(with burning patience),

  Holger Fehr


Dr. Holger Fehr
Inst. Physiological Chemistry II
University of Wuerzburg

fehr at biozentrum.uni-wuerzburg.de 


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