question about RFP

Yutao Fu bin at umit.maine.edu
Fri Jun 30 11:37:16 EST 2000

Hi, all

I am trying to express RFP in a variety of bacteria species. The broad
host range vector used in my study is a low copy number plasmid. I
wonder whether that was the reason why RFP was not fluoresing after I
transfer the coding sequence into it? I used DsRFP from Clontech. After
cutting with XbaI which produced the insert fragment encompassing the
start and stop codons, I ligated it into pMMB67EH vector. After 3 days
there is still no expression at all. Does anybody know about the copy
number issue in RFP prokaryotic expression? Thanks for any comment and

Reasearch Assistant, Dept of biochemistry and molecular biology,
University of Maine, Orono, ME04473
yutao.fu at umit.maine.edu


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