Fwd: Mercury arc vapor lamp exploding?

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You will probably get a several responses to this question.
Yes! The bulbs do explode with a big big bang!
If you are not expecting it, and most don't, it can scare the snot out of
Hopefully no other bodily emissions.
Changing the bulb after 200 or 250 hours is wisely recommended.
When it blows it usually takes with it the collector len$ and mirror.

Good luck


>Hi all,
>We were recently advised by the service rep in our
>area that it is advisable for us to change the mercury
>bulb in our GFP scope every 250 hours max, regardless
>of the condition of the bulb-- on the argument that it
>is possible that, if used past this point, the bulb
>could explode; causing serious damage to the equipment
>(and potentially to personnel!).  Anybody know if this
>is true (has anybody actually had this happen to
>them?) or is it just that they want to get you to buy
>more bulbs.
>Thanks in advance,
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