Kathryn Sunn k.sunn at garvan.unsw.edu.au
Wed Oct 4 23:51:20 EST 2000

Dear All

I am trying to transfect COS-1 cells with a ds-red construct however  am
having some difficulty being able to visualise the fluorescence of the
fusion protein. Does anyone have any suggestions? My cells were quite
confluent when I transfected them so I thought this may be the trouble, but
also our fluoro lamp is a little dodgy, so I was hoping they may look
brighter under the confocal.

Has anyone tried double labelling with EGFP, are they relative in brightness?

I let the cells transfect for approx 60 hrs so I thought this should be
plenty of time??

Any suggestions would be great!


Kathryn Sunn  BSc (Hons)
Bone and Mineral Research Program
Garvan Institute of Medical Research
St Vincent's Hospital                          Tel:   (02) 295 8260
Sydney NSW 2010                                Fax:   (02) 295 8241
Australia                          email: k.sunn at garvan.unsw.edu.au


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