EGFP gene stability in stable transfectants

Karla Johanning kjohann at tulane.edu
Sun Oct 8 18:29:54 EST 2000

To whom it may read and can help,

I've been using EGFP as a reporter gene in a construct in which sequences
are set up in such a way that if I do have recombination, I'll have EGFP
expression. I do get results in transient transfections. I proceed to get
stable transfectants and choose colonies that are not fluorescing 'cause the
point of research is to pick them and test factors that affect recombination
as seen by fluorescence. I can get results if these clones are a few weeks
old but after about 6 weeks or so I do not get EGFP expression.  Has anybody
experienced a similar situation, could you please email me back?  How stable
is the gene after a while? Any input will be wellcome.  Thanks,   Karla

Karla Johanning, Ph.D
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