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Hackers/big brother/even the government are all spying on you! And, oh Yes,
your email is unsecure!

Dear Reader

We should be honest with you and explain that this is an infomercial to
point out the security flaws in current email, both at a business and a
personal level, and to tell you how you can plug these holes in your
communications system. If you are not interested in this, please stop right
here and accept our apologies, but if you read on you will read some
amazing examples of the shocking truth about email vulnerability:

Over one-third of US employees who browse the Web and use email have their
activities constantly monitored by their bosses, a recent survey showed.
HushMail would keep their communications private.

The US government subpoenaed Microsoft's internal email messages to provide
evidence in its anti-trust suit against the company. If Microsoft had used
HushMail, no one could have read those messages.

In one of the first documented cases or corporate versus corporate computer
hacking in the US, an investigative information research firm sought more
than $10 million in damages from a law firm that allegedly conspired to
repeatedly hack into certain internet domains as well as the computer
hosting the targeted Internet sites owned by the complainant. According
to the lawsuit, Steptoe & Johnson, one of the largest law firms in the US,
  hacked into the domains and the system servers more than 750 times while
using a stolen password and email identity, apparently to cloak the law
firm's electronic attacks.

US pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly blamed a programming error after the
Company revealed the identities of 600 patients. If the company had used
HushMail, that data would have been encrypted - making it unreadable by
unauthorized parties.

A PR consultant famously revealed the most intimate details of her love
life when she inadvertently sent a message to a stranger with the same name
as her boyfriend. If she'd used HushMail, her secrets would have been safe.

A Russian gang hacked into Citibank's electronic money transfer system and
targeted over $10 million for transfer to their own accounts. If Citibank
had used HushMail to encrypt their account data, it would have saved them
a lot of money - and embarrassment.

What are your security options?

Personal protection:
1. HushMail - The world's strongest free end-to-end protection - click here

Corporate protection:
1. HushIdentity - your email at your domain with total security - click
here http://www.hushidentity.com/

2. Hush Private Label - your own branded Web-based secure email for your
business or portal - click here

3. HushMail Professional - desktop security for business - click here

PLUS a free report on implementing PKI security for your business - click
here http://www.hush.com/info_center/reports/

HushMail is the world's premier secure Web-based email system. We offer
total end-to-end security. Thanks to a unique keypair management system,
HushMail eliminates the risk of leaving unencrypted files on Web servers
- a recognized point of vulnerability in other systems. Despite this
level of security, sending and receiving encrypted email messages and
is as simple as clicking a mouse.


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