GFP stable cell line

Dominic-Luc Webb molmed domweb at mbox.ki.se
Tue Jun 5 21:01:59 EST 2001

On 1 Jun 2001, Michelle Peckham wrote:

> I have established a stable cell line for GFP, using mouse myoblasts - but
> it is not very stable - the number of GFP cells decrease gradually, through
> many passages - but Stratagene are advertising a GFP that is supposed to be
> less toxic to cells

> Dr Michelle Peckham

Do you actually know this to be toxic, or just that you
lose the GFP over time? If you know it to be toxic,
do you know if this is apoptosis or necrosis, etc? Or
perhaps this is something Stratagene knows about?

Thanks in advance...



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