Loss of fluoresence in infected plant tissue

Arjen.tenHave at fyto.DPW.WAU.NL Arjen.tenHave at fyto.DPW.WAU.NL
Fri Mar 2 11:48:48 EST 2001

Dear all,

I have some problems with the isolation of GFP from infected plant tissue. I 
want to use GFP in pathogenicity assays, this in order to determine the degree 
of disease. I work on a plant pathogen, Botrytis cinerea, a pathogen that 
causes rot of plant tissue. I have constructed a fluorescent transformant that 
is still fully pathogenic. However, I cannot find any fluorescence in planta. 
I did most of the control experiments and it turns out that there is a factor 
X that blocks GFP fluorescence. Mixing a fluorescent sample with an extract 
from infected plant tissue blocks fluorescence within seconds. This factor is 
not present in an extract from noninfected tissue. It is not low pH since 
strong buffering does not help.

Since this is a typical "needle in the haystack" I am open for any 

Thank you!

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