Do you need a New Credt File? My way is 100% Legal and easy!

crditfix99 at yahoo.com crditfix99 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 6 18:38:57 EST 2001

Hi there,
You have Bad Credit? Well,  I Will Show You How to Get a New, Separate, Clean Credit File... and it will be Clear of Any Past Credit History!
This is 100% LEGAL, Ethical, and not difficult to accomplish.  I even place a GUARANTEE on this information because I know it works.  
If you want a second chance in having a AAA credit rating within 30-60 days, then check out my website.  This new credit file can be used just like your original credit file. Get Loans, Mortgages, etc.. 
This system is very affordable because I have eliminated my overall costs by using a free website an easy shipping system. I want to pass the savings on to you.  This credit file kit will give you the second chance you have been looking for.  It is trully exciting to know this system is available and best of all it is not a hoax or scam.  Read through my website and especially the Frequently Asked Questions section.
I included my phone number if you have any questions.

Take care,


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