Frédéric SIGOILLOT sigoillot at yahoo.fr
Mon Nov 26 19:17:13 EST 2001


I cloned my faforite cDNA into pDsRed2-C1 mammalian
expression vector, sequencing the insertion sites, it
looks fine and I am confident in the cloning, now
trying to transfect it, I don't get any expression.
The problem here is that I have a final length of 12kb
for the recombinant plasmid. I tried CaPhosphate,
Lipofectamine normale et Plus(Gibco-Invitro.) et
FuGENE6 (Roche), any advises would be welcome about
the transfection with big buddy plasmids.
Thanks (sorry for the advertisement).
PS: the controls DsRed2 empty works good


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