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The Science Advisory Board's latest study, "The Tools & Techniques of 
Protein Science" is providing unique insights into the most current 
areas of investigation in protein and proteomic research.  More than 
700 Science Advisory Board members have already participated in the 
first stage of the eight-part examination of protein science now 
being conducted online at www.scienceboard.net.

Although the study is still ongoing, early results indicate that the 
primary research objective of the majority of these scientists is to 
identify and/or characterize protein-protein or peptide-protein 
interactions. Most of this research is conducted with human-, mouse- 
and rat-derived proteins, and scientists use both recombinant and 
non-recombinant sources of these proteins but prefer recombinant 
protein.  There is also a preference for using tagged proteins over 
untagged proteins.  Antibodies are the most common class of proteins 
that is studied followed by membrane proteins and then signal 
transduction proteins and kinases.

The top two cutting-edge proteomics technologies that these 
scientists are considering using are protein chips and liquid-phase 
separation techniques (other than 2D gel electrophoresis).  Academic 
scientists would like the life sciences industry to focus on 
improving current separation and detection methods that would enable 
them to analyze closer to 100% of the proteome.  In contrast, 
industrial scientists would like the life sciences industry to focus 
on automating all procedures in order to achieve improved 
reproducibility and higher throughput.

Upcoming studies include Protein visualization, Protein interactions 
and Protein Identification and Characterization.

The Science Advisory Board is an online panel of more than 5,000 
scientists, physicians and other life science and medical 
professionals from 62 countries.  By convening electronically, 
Science Advisory Board members participate in online studies to voice 
their opinions on issues that directly affect the evolution and 
development of the tools and techniques of their professions.

If you are interested in contributing your own opinions on the tools 
and techniques of protein science or participating in other studies 
that may be of interest to you, please register at The Science 
Advisory Board website at www.scienceboard.net or you may contact 
Molly Scott, Membership Coordinator, at m.scott at scienceboard.net for 
membership information and study details. Your identity and personal 
information will be held in the strictest confidence, and you will 
receive compensation for any studies in which you choose to 
Molly Scott
Membership Coordinator
The Science Advisory Board

"Expert Insights from Gene to Drug"
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