DSRed2 MCS info

D. Levy levy at removespam.uab.edu
Thu Oct 25 11:04:12 EST 2001

In article <OF95F85EBC.84ADC90B-ON85256AEF.006D1A47 at csc-intl.com>
kirsteen at csc-intl.com writes:

> Hello,
> I notice that some groups here may have had some experience using the
> pDSRed2; our group are considering its use too, but cannot seem to find any
> information regarding the sequence of the MCS(s)--unlike many of Clontech's
> other vectors, the pDSRed2 MCS information is not broad and contained on
> the Clontech site.
> Any tips?
> Cheers,
> Kirsteen Burton

 http://www.clontech.com/techinfo/vectors/catlc.shtml  click on an "x"
for the info you want.

D. Levy

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