organellar antibodies compatible with EGFP

Tessa Campbell tessac at uvic.ca
Fri Sep 7 12:28:10 EST 2001

	I am currently studying intracellular protein trafficking via an EGFP
fusion protein. Are their any recommendations as to which antibodies (for
lysosomes, ER, Golgi, endosomes) would be compatible with EGFP in a
multi-labelling experiment? At my academic institution, I have only FITC
and Rhodamine filters available for fluorescence microscopy, thus I am
limited in what colors I can combine with green (e.g. definitely red,
possibly blue, etc.). I am considering using LysoTracker Red from Molecular
Probes as my lysosomal marker. Any other suggestions or comments?

Thank you.
Tessa N. Campbell
University of Victoria, Canada
tessac at uvic.ca


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