Sackler Colloquium on Self-Perpetuating Structural States

Miriam Glaser Heston MHeston at nas.edu
Thu Jan 10 10:36:55 EST 2002

Dear Colleague:

I write to invite you to attend the Arthur M. Sackler Colloquium of the National
Academy of Sciences on "Self-Perpetuating Structural States in Biology, Disease
and Genetics" to be held Friday through Sunday, March 22-24, 2002 at the Academy
in Washington, DC.  The Colloquium is being co-organized by Susan Lindquist
(Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research) and Steve Henikoff (Fred
Hutchinson Cancer Research Center).

The colloquium progam begins Friday night with the Sackler lecture by Susan
Lindquist, entitled "Self-Perpetuating Structural States in Biology, Disease and
Genetics," and is open to the public.  The  colloquium sessions will cover the
following topics:

-- Self-Perpetuating Protein Conformations in Biological Systems
Speakers:  Charles Weismann, Reed Wickner,  Susan Liebman, Eric Kandel and
Kausik Si
-- Protein Conformation Changes, Amyloid and Disease
Speakers:  Erich Wanker, Nancy Bonini, Ulrich Hartl, Chris Dobson,and Jeffrey W.
-- Chromatin Structural States
Speakers:  Gary Felsenfeld, Shiv Grewal, Susan Lindquist, Dan Gottschling, and
Lori Wallrath
-- Self-Perpetuating Genetic Interactions
Speakers:  David Low, Steve Henikoff, Eric Selker, Steve Jacobsen,and Marjori

The complete preliminary program, registration information, logistical and
travel details, and poster information, can be found at the Colloquium's web


I hope that you will be able to attend this meeting, at which attendance is
limited to 600 registered participants.  Please share this invitation with
graduate students, post-docs, and others who may find this topic of interest.


Miriam Glaser Heston
Program Officer for the Colloquium Series
National Academy of Sciences
2101 Constitution Avenue N.W.
Washington, D.C.
Phone:  202-334-1229
Fax:  202-334-1927


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