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Dušan Lazár lazard at seznam.cz
Mon Jan 21 09:09:06 EST 2002

Dear Colleagues,
Let me inform you that company Photon Systems Instruments (Brno,
Czech Republic) updated its web side. The two main products of the
firm, non-imaging Double-Modulation Fluorometer and Kinetic Imaging
Fluorometer FluorCam are professional instruments suitable for
biotechnology, plant science and agriculture.
The main usage of the D-M Fluorometer is in basic photosynthesis
research such as measurement of chlorophyll fluorescence induction,
QA- reoxidation kinetics, the S-state transitions, flash fluorescence
induction, the quenching analysis, etc. On the other hand, because
the FluorCam is designed for kinetically resolved fluorescence
imaging of leaves and small plants (e.g. Arabidopsis) as well as for
imaging of algal or cyanobacterial colonies on a Petri dish, it is
suitable for determination of heterogeneity of fluorescence
signal/parameters within the explored area that can be used, e.g.,
for mutant screening. Both, the D-M Fluorometer and FluorCam are
available in several versions.
Please, visit the web side located at http://www.psi.cz for more
information about the instruments, including a list of users,
references and price list. If you have some questions and requests,
including sending of Demo CDROM, do not hesitate and contact me at
the e-mail below.
Yours sincerely,
Dusan Lazar, Czech Republic
e-mail: lazard at seznam.cz

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