Fluorometer-detection of GFP expressing cells

Margaret Keller margaret.keller at mail.tju.edu
Mon Jan 21 13:57:59 EST 2002

We are expressing GFP in both suspension cells and adherent cells. We can
visualize good fluorescence using our scope, but have trouble with plate
We have done dilutions of stably expressing cells in various plate formats
and read them on our Packard 550 or a Cytofluor II plate reader with
appropriate filters. The values are above background but with very little
change from 5000 GFP expressing cells/well compared to 100,000 cells/well.
Any suggestions?
Please respond directly to margaret.keller at mail.tju.edu

Margaret A. Keller, PhD
Cardeza Foundation for Hematologic Research
Philadelphia, PA 19107


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