luciferase fusion

bo shen b.shen at botany.uq.edu.au
Thu Jan 31 21:23:30 EST 2002

I have recently tested luciferase (luc) expression constructs that have
different gene fragments (of various species) fused to the 5' end of the
Luc gene and found that luc gene wasn't as tolerate to fusion as some
have suggested. Of more than 10 fusion constructs tested in tobacco
cells there were 3 truncated Gus-Luc fusion varieties failed expressing
luc at all although full length Gus fused to Luc showed strong
expression of both genes. I have found similar  results( and some showed
significantly less expression)  with other genes that are fused to Luc.
Have tried but can't  find any sequence motif that may contribute to
this phenomenon. Any suggestion?
Your comments/suggestions are appreciated

Dept of Botany.
Uni of QLD, Australia

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