Seqs, synths, mass specs/MALDIs, liquid handlers available

Michael Sherrell grizzly at 2xtreme.net
Tue Jun 24 23:41:12 EST 2003

Sequencers, synthesizers, mass specs, MALDIs, liquid handlers etc.for sale:

  ABI 3900: $69,000. Rebuilt w/ 90-day parts & labor warranty.
  Expedite 8909: $12,500. Includes M.O.S.S, rebuilt w/ new ABI valves, 90-day 
warranty. + $3,500/trityl.
  ABI 394: $14,200. Rebuilt; 90-day warranty
  ABI 394: $19,900. Trityl, MAC, rebuilt: about as good as the new 3400.
  ABI 392: $12,200. Rebuilt; 90-day warranty
  ABI 3948: $20,000. Working well in lab now.
  ABI 390Z: $11,000. Rebuilt/warranteed.
  Beckman 1000M: $11,000. Excellent condition; guaranteed
  CyClone: $7,500. New-in-box; 90 day parts warranty. Similar to ABI 392.
  Biosearch 8700: $8,000. Rebuilt; 90-day warr. + $2K/Windows
  BioSearch 8750. ~$4,000. Have 5; cheaper & faster than 394s
  Cruachem PS250. <=$2,500. 6 available
  (ABI 3900: software for sequence loading, web interfacing available; call for 
*High throughput synthesizers:.
  BLP 192: $120,000. 2 plates, 8 min. cycle time. New; incl. install + 1 yr. 
  Polygen 10. call if interested
  Polyplex Gene Machine: $89,000. Installed/warranteed

**Oligosequencers: <>
  ABI 3730: $205,000. Incl. factory install; guar. eligible for service.
  ABI 310: $28,000. Includes factory install; guar. eligible for service.
  ABI 3700: $75,000. Includes factory install; guar. eligible for service.
  MegaBace 1000: $22,000. Incl. installation by manufacturer
  ABI 377: $15,500. 96-lane; install factory incl., eligible for service
  Genescan: $5,000. Licensed software for the 377, 310 or 373
  ABI 373 stretch: $9,000. Big Dye upgrade
  Visible Genetics: $20,000. Unused. Have 3.
  LiCor 4200: $25,000. Incl. Global Upgrade; guaranteed installable
  LiCor 4000LS: < $20,000. 1994 model; can have Global Upgrade
  Genomyx LR: $2,500. Boots; many accessories
  MJ Research BaseStation: $105,000. 2 yrs old; still under svc. contract
  MJ Research BaseStation: $125,000. 6 mos. old; still under svc. contract

**Real-time PCR:
  ABI 7700: $34,000. Installed/warranteed
  ABI 7000: $36,000. Installed/warranteed

**Peptide synthesizers:
  ABI 433: $33,000. Original, ABI-supportible 433. These come and go; call/email 
to reserve. 90-day warr.
  ABI 433: $24,000. Upgraded from 431. We support. Rebuilt, 90-day warr.
  ABI 431: $16,000. Rebuilt, 90-day warr.
  ABI 430: $10,500. Rebuilt, 90-day warranty
  ABI 432: $15,000. Rebuilt, 90-day warranty
  Training. as quoted. By one who knows AB pepsyns inside and out
  Rainin Symphony: $67,000. = to new: Rainin rebuild, new computer, 1 year warr.
  PerSeptive 9500: $12,750. Rebuilt w/ 90-day warranty.
  PerSeptive 9050: $16,000. Rebuilt w/ 90-day warranty
  CS Bio 336. ~$27,000. 6 mos old; lease default. 3 peps simultaneous; .05-.25 
  ACT LabTech III: $15,000. 30-day warranty
  MPS unit for the Pioneer peptide synthesizer: $5,000. New and unused; price 
= 25% of new cost.
  ACT 396 MPS: $42,000. Factory refurb; includes 120-day warranty
  PerSeptive 9600: $13,750. Rebuilt, warranteed.
  ACT Vantage: $79,000. Current instrument; excellent condition.
  ACT 384: $105,000. Current instrument; excellent condition.
  ACT 357-MPS. -call-.
  ACT 400. -call-. Very low use.
  ACT 496. -call-.
  Argonaut Quest 205: $27,000. ASW model
  Argonaut Quest 210: $19,000. ASW model
**Peptide sequencers:
  ABI 494 HT: $95,000. Installed, guaranteed ok for service contract.
  Beckman 6300. -various-. Have several; can rebuild or sell for parts
  ABI 421: $10,000. Offers considered.
  ABI 477/120: $1,500. Good working order or right of return.
  ABI 477. Service, parts available.
  ABI 473/476: $15,000. Good working order; install/service available.
  ABI 470A: $2,000. For parts. Many extra parts.

[Note: various other ABI, HP, Millipore, Biosearch, Beckman, etc. sequencers, 
synthesizers etc. available; please inquire.]

**LC/MS & MS/MS:
  Sciex API 3000: $166,000. Installed, eligible for service.
  Sciex API 2000: $80,000. Mac. + $5K/NT. Sciex cert; guaranteed installable
  Sciex API 365 upgrade: $105,000. 10x+ sensitivity upgrade; near-equal to 4000.
  Sciex NT workstation: $2,500. Use to upgrade Macs on 150, 365, 2000, 3000.
  Sciex API 150EX: $50,000. Installed.
  Sciex API 100: $21,000. Installed.
  Sciex API III+: $25,000. Triple quad: ES, APCI; +$24K/intall w/ 1 yr. warr.
  Sciex API I: $20,000. Single quad; more sensitive than the Sciex 150. + $20,000/installation 
and 1 year service contract.
  PE-ABI Mariner: $55,000. Price includes factory install.
  HP 1100 MSD: $various . All Models (A - D) with varying sources (ESI, APCI, 
APPI). Most any configuration. Can include install, 90-day warranty and training.
  Micromass Ultima: $160,000. Quattro, VB series. MM-certified.
  Micromass LCT API-oaTOF MS: $160,000. Sold new for $260,000 in July 2000. Includes 
Waters HPLC.
  Micromass Quattro II: $150-200K. Price depends on whether you want installation, 
GC and/or HPLC
  Micromass Quattro: $72,000. ESI, APCI, GC EI/CI; install and 90-day warranty 
  Micromass Q-Tof II: $185,000. Hybrid Quadrupole. Installed, eligible for service 
  Micromass LCZ Pltfrm: $45,000. ESI, APCI; + $5K/install, and 90-day warr.
  Micromass ZABSpec Ultima OA TOF: $89,000. 1997 model. Good working order.
  Micromass Autospec. -call-. Solids probe, GC autosampler. As is; in United 
  Micromass Autospec M: $179,000. TOF MS/MS. Incl. FPD, 5 sources, guar. eligible 
for svc. ($700K new)
  VG70E-HF: $20,000. Hi-res mag sector; EI/CI, FAB. Recent refurb.
  Finnigan Deca XP+: $165,000. New 2002; pristine; installed and calibrated but 
never used. Includes factory install, guar. eligible for svc.
  Finnigan Deca XP: $135,000. 30000 model. Includes install and 1 year svc. Factory 
upgrade to XP + for addt'l $14,000.
  Finnigan LCQ Classic: $82,500. ESI, APCI. Instllation, 1 year warranty, 4000 
amu upgrade
  LCQ Classic ESI source: $6,000. New/unused ESI source.
  Finnigan Navigator: $42,500. Guaranteed good working order
  Finnigan TSQ 7000: $60,000. ES, APCI, API 1, Excalibur, good working order.
  Finnigan TSQ 7000: $80,000. API 2, ES, APCI, Excalibur. Guaranteed.
  Finnigan SSQ 7000: $45,000. ES, APCI; Excalibur 1.0; API 1 source; install 
  Finnigan TSQ 700: $30,000. Electrospray, APCI. Install included
  Finnigan SSQ 710: $25,000. Electrospray, APCI, API 1, Alpha workstation, install 
  Finnigan MAT 900: $40,000. Offers considered. EI, ES, APCI.
  Finnigan Mat ITS40W: offers considered. With Varian 3400 GC + A200s Auto Sampler.
  Bruker Esquire LC: $60,000. Ion trap. Includes installation, guar. eligible 
for Bruker svc. contract
  Fisons VG 2000. <$100,000.
  Fisons VG Trio: $25,000. LC + GC: 3000 amu; thermospray, EI/CI, HP 5890 included. 
Install, license & 90-day warr. + $14,500
  HP 5989: $21,500. Electrospray, APCI; 2000 amu
  VG Trio 2: $7,500. Electrospray; complete; parts or fixer-upper unit.
  Nermag R10c. <$10,000. Like new; make offer.
  MM Autospec M: $115,000. Mag Sector; orthogonal TOF MS/MS; 4 sources, FPD and 
TOF included; currently working well.
  MM Autospec S: $65,000. European install included; available in US
  MM Autospec V: $75,000. European install included; available in US

**Service and service contracts available for PESciex API 3000, 365 and III+.

**MALDI-TOFs:. .
  Voyager DE STR. -call for price-.
  Voyager DE Pro: $135,500. Incl. factory install, certification.
  Voyager DE RP: $45,000. Extensively refurbished.
  Voyager DE: $76,000. Incl. install. 2002 model.
  Mariner ESI-TOF: $55,000. Installed/guar. ok for factory service.
  Micromass Reflectron: $150,000. Incl. MassPrep enclosed robotic sampler system. 
+ $24K/install.
  Micromass Q-Tof 2: $275,000. 2001 model; currently under service contract.
  Micromass LCT. ~$200,000. API-TOF. Includes HPLC. New July 2000.
  Bruker Reflex IV: $207,500. 2001 model; list $300K. Incl. ion source, TOF analyzer, 
detector two NT processing stations.
  Bruker Biflex III. ~$50,000. DE; decommissioned by Bruker.
  Bruker Reflex III: $130,000. 1999 model; includes chiller, standalone AS-90.
  LaserTec II: $75,000. By PerSeptive. 5 yrs. old; excellent condition.
  Thermo-Finnigan Dynamo: $50,000. Linear DE benchtop system; 1 yr. old; pos/neg. 
Price includes ship, install, 90-day warr.
  Finnigan LaserMAT 2000: $23,000. Includes ship, install, 90-day warr.
  SRI custom design: $100,000. Ideal for SNP determination. Asking price. 384 
samples/20 min. Can be tested.
  Finnigan MAT Vision 2000: $80,000. Reflectron. Includes install, 1 year warranty
  VG Tof-Spec: $6,000. Or best offer. For parts; new laser card and other new 

**Other MS:. .
  Finnigan MAT SOLA: $50,000. Asking price. 8 yrs. old; incl. GF, hydrides gen.
  Finnigan T-30 Newstar . -offers-. FT-MS. Was $1.4M in 1997. Price negotiable.
  JOEL HX 110. -offers-. Tandem Mass spec.

**Liquid handlers:
  Biomek FX (core system): $350,000 good working order. Includes 3 meter Orca, 
fluorometer, incubator, more.
  Biomek FX: $60,000.
  Biomek 2000, no side loader, $49,000.
  Beckman Multimek, $34,000.
  Zymark Sciclone: 1.5 years old; $43K.
  Tecan RSP-200/8 ID Robot Sample Processor, fully equipped: call/email if interested.
  Hamilton MicroLab AT2 Plus robot, $38,000
  Packard Multiprobe 20400 and CP20400, Packard refurbed, $16,500 for either
  Transgenomic WAVE system, $21,000 incl. installation, eligible for svc. Quantity 
discounts for up to 20 units.
  Tecan Genesis RSP 150, no Roma, $52,000 delivered w/ 90-day warranty.
  Tecan Genesis RSP 100, $41,000 delivered w/ 90-day warranty.
  LC Packings UltiMate NanoLC system w/ FAMOS autosampler, $37,300
  Scitec robotic liquid handling system, 3-meter rail, $60,000 guaranteed working
  Tom-Tec Quadras, various configurations, refurbished and warrantied.
  Hamilton Microlab 2200: call for pricing.
  Gilson 215: call for price.
  XP-arm based Zymarks: $10,000 and $20,000, depending on accessories.
  ABI 877 Catalyst Turbo: $12,000 or best offer
  Bio-Dot sub-microliter 8-channel aspirate/dispense system (typically 96-well 
microplate source, glass slide, microwell plate or membrane target), ~ 5 years 

**Other expensive hi-tech items:
  Bruker Avance 700 NMR, shielded, 2 yrs old, $1.26M new, $925K installed excl. 
$15K site license.
  Varian Inova 600 NMR: $450,000 shipped, installed and eligible for Varian service.
  FX90Q NMR w/ Tek-Mag, $25,000.
  Others available; inquire if interested.
*Flow cytometers:
  COULTER® EPICS XL-MCL™Flow Cytometer: $45,000. 4 color with Multi Carousel 
Loader includes rebuilt, installation and one-year warranty.
  FACSVantage SE with DIVA option: $200,000, (2 lasers: 488nm and UV tunable). 
Bought it in June 2002 and never used.
  BD FACSCalibur: $57/3 color, $77 4 color. Rebuilt and warranteed.
  MoFlow Ultra-High Speed Flow Cytometer: $299,000
  Others available; inquire if interested.
  Packard Arrayer: current instrument. ~$80,000 (75% of new price)
  HP/Affymetrix GeneArray G2500A system, $117,500. Complete system, factory install, 
  eligible for factory service contract. New list: $199K.
  Affymetrix 417 Arrayer/spotter: seller considering rather low offers; call 
if interested.
  Affymetrix 417 Arrayer/spotter: $34,500 reconditioned with 1 year warranty
  HP/Affymetrix GeneArray Scanner Model G2500A, unused, $49,000.
  Genomic Solutions GeneTAC microarray Hybridization Station: $27,000. (for details 
see http://www.genomicsolutions.com/products/bio/hyb.html)
*Spot pickers:
  Genetix QPix2 benchtop: $79,570 installed. Incl. 96-well picking head, gridding 
option, etc; Q-Fill optional.
  Genetix QBot picker/arrayer. Call/email if interested.
  BioRobotics BioPick automatic colony picker. Excellent condition. ~$60,000
  Genomic Solutions Flexys; much less than new price; call/email if interested.
*Truly miscellaneous:
  Perkin Elmer 1010M Micro Densitometer: was $325,000 new. Now in Japan. Call 
if interested.
  Amersham FARCyte/Tecan Ultra fluorescence plate reader, new in box, $50,000. 
List: $80K.
  Accutag Radio Frequency Reader/10k Automated Microreactor Sorting System, $80,000
  Genevac's Mega 1200 ultra high throughput solvent evaporation system, 1.5 yrs 
old but unused, $200,000 or best offer.
  COPAS™ SELECT: For rapid sorting of D. melanogaster embryos and analysis and 
sorting of viable D. melanogaster embryos and 1st stage instar larvae. Offers 
warmly received.
  Process Engineers 29 liter mammalian cell bioreactor, new/unused, ~$35,000 
or best offer.
  (other bioreactors/fermenters available; inquire if interested.)
  Bio-Rad Fluor-S MultiImager with 11 imaging screen cassettes, $27,600 (was 
$50K new)
  Various Scanning Electron Microscopes and TEMs, $9,500-$375,000. Call or email 
<mailto:mike at grizzlyanalytical.com> for list.

**Too hard to classify:
  Li-Cor Odyssey: $25,000 ($40K new). Guaranteed good working order. See
  <http://bio.licor.com/Odyssey2/Odyssey1.htm> for specs.
  Canberra Gamma Counter: $43,000 or best offer. 2 yrs old; $65,000 new price.
  BioCAD 20s and 60s w/ 90-day warr. available for $17-22,000, depending on details. 
700E also avail.
  Luminex LX100 (simultaneous assay of multiple analytes): $29,000.
  Glycoprep 1000 automated hydrazinolysis machine: $9,000; good working order
  Packard Topcount 12-detector 96 well microplate scintillation counter, $35,000
  Jasco FP6500 Fluorescence Spectrometer. Excellent condition. $11,500.
  ABI 120 HPLC, $1,500
  ABI 877: have several; different configs, prices, none very expensive; call
  Mettler Toledo MT5 micro balance, never used/demo, 6 mo. warranty $10,500
  PE 9600 thermalcyclers: $3,750 w/ 90-day warranty
  PE 9700 96-well thermalcyclers: $4,450 w/ 90-day warranty
  PE 9700 384-well thermalcyclers: $5,450 w/ 1 yr. warranty
  PE 2400 thermalcyclers: $2,450 w/ 90-day warranty
  PE 480 thermalcyclers: $3,000 guaranteed working; have several
  Beckman P/ACE MDQ: $24,000
  Beckman P/ACE 5500: $18,000
  MD PhosphorImager Storm 860, with ImageQuant, $25,000
  MD FSI FluorImager, $15,000
  MD Personal Densitometer SI -- call to discuss price
  MD Cytosensor, ~ 50% of new price

**Also available:

  Agilent 1100 HPLCs, virtually all configurations/detectors.
  HPLCs, ICs, CEs, FPLCs: microbore to prep scale.
  A variety of other lab instruments.
  Call or check the website: www. grizzlyanalytical. com.
  Please call or email for more information or if you have items to sell.

Michael Sherrell
Grizzly Analytical (USA)
707 887 2919/fax 707 887 9834

[All the items are subject to prior sale. ]

[If you do not wish to receive my emails, please return this with "Stop" in the 
subject line, and accept my apologies for the inconvenience. ]


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