DsRed1 protein

Corinne Royer Corinne.Royer at univ-lyon1.fr
Tue Mar 11 04:01:34 EST 2003

I used the first generation of DsRed (dsRed1) vectors and had difficulties 
of solubility with the protein produced (agregation). So, I can't accuratly 
quantify the Dsred protein in a western analysis. Moreover, the DsRed 
protein is not commercially available and the DsRed antibody has no 
cross-reactivity with the GFP. I'm searching for a relatively pure quantity 
of dsRed protein (to do my western blot) or for a solution to enhance the 
solubility of my protein (I have tested ionic pH modifications but no 
change) . If somebody could help me . Thanks Corinne


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