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Steve Christofferson steve at aebolts.com
Sat Jan 3 08:18:51 EST 2004

Hi Friend, 

Steve in Colorado is a friend of mine who got caught in the corporate lay-offs. 

He dreaded the thought of trying to climb another corporate ladder, so he decided to work 
for himself in a network marketing project. He was steadily building a small income, but 
it wasn’t growing fast enough to keep the wolves at bay. 

Then he learned about a NEW opportunity – one that is taking the world by a storm! It is 
“Back To The Future” with a new company that has gone back to the good old days of 

Steve made $1,200 in his first 4 days, and received it on day five. Says Steve, “When I 
saw how simple it was, and how much money could be made, I realized that I’d just 
found the mother lode.”

Even if you are already building a homebased business (and ESPECIALLY if you are), 
ya just gotta check this out. 

Step One: Call 212-990-7094

Step Two: Call me – fast! This is too good to not get the rest of the details!

Toll Free # 1-888-674-9802

Let’s get connected soon,

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