[ADV] He turned down $2K per week!

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Thu Jan 8 00:27:20 EST 2004

Hi Friend,

These days a $2,000 per week job for a young family man sounds like a pretty good deal, 
doesn’t it? 

Meet Seth – he turned down that job offer because it came at the same time a relative told 
him about an opportunity to make money from home in which she had made almost 
$9,000 in less than 2 weeks.

THAT got his attention. 

Seth had discovered network marketing about 4 years prior and loved the idea of working 
from home with no limits to the amount of income he could earn. A hard worker, willing 
to put in the time and effort to create “the life of his dreams”, Seth was able to earn a 
fairly nice living for most of that time.

Ultimately, however, he became disillusioned when the people he introduced to network 
marketing opportunities just were not able to make a go of it. He decided to go back to 
his original profession and remained totally turned off to networking for the next few 

What changed? What caused him to take a look at this new opportunity? And then turn 
down a pretty decent job opportunity?

Money talks - especially when it’s being made by the very same people who were not 
able to make a go of it in their previous network marketing projects.

He took a look at this new opportunity and immediately recognized that it was set up to 
follow the precise “success formula” that caused network marketing (and network 
marketers) to flourish from the ‘80’s on up to 1997-ish.

It was back to the good old days – back to what works!

Says Seth: “I earned commissions of $1,400 in the first 3 days, and at the end of the first 
week I had a total of $2,800 worth of commission checks in hand!!! That was just the 
start of the avalanche and all those commission checks have been arriving at my door 
within 24 hours of earning them. Life is very, very good for my wife and I these days.”

Let’s bring some of that “good life” on home to your household!

Step One: Call 212-990-7094

Step Two: Call me – fast! This is too good to not get the rest of the details!

Toll Free # 1-888-674-9802

Let’s get connected soon,

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