[ADV] Let The Good Times Roll!!!

Steve Christofferson steve at aebolts.com
Sun Jan 11 03:38:46 EST 2004

Hi Friend,

Have you heard the news? It’s a return to the good old days!

Someone FINALLY figured out how to put the zing, the pizzazz, and the cha-ching back 
into network marketing!

It’s a return to Happy Truck Heaven with Daily Pay delivered to your door within 24 
hours of earning it! Commissions you can brag about! And a product that millions of 
other business owners need, want and regularly pay for every month!

If you have never been involved with network marketing before THIS is the one you 
should start with. 

And if you are already established in building a network marketing business, you 
definitely will want to give your project a boost with this.

Meet Gary in CA:  He’s a Stay-At-Home Dad, thanks to network marketing. Gary will be 
the first to tell you though, that his business wasn’t growing very rapidly. It was hard 
work just to stay even each month, and he was struggling hard just to earn $150 - $500 
per week.

That was life for Gary until a networking friend told him about a new-old way to do 

Yee-Haw! It was as though someone had turned on the lights for Gary! 

Day One: $1,200 
Day Two: halfway to another $1,200 
Day Three: made it to the 2nd $1,200

In just 3 days time, Gary made more in commissions than what he used to work so hard 
all month long to achieve.

What’s Gary’s secret? You just gotta check it out.

Step One: Call 212-990-7094

Step Two: Call me – fast! This is too good to not get the rest of the details!

Toll Free # 1-888-674-9802

Let’s get connected soon,

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