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Steve Christofferson steve at aebolts.com
Mon Jan 19 10:00:26 EST 2004

From: HappyGram Central!

I have to apologize because I goofed up big time. You deserve to experience all the 
excitement, all the fun, all the money that you could possibly want in life and I somehow 
didn’t get the message across to you that it’s here for you.

Larry C. - resort manager in NM - $2,400 in first 2 weeks.

Penny B. - stay home mom in NH - $2,400 in first 7 days.

Charlie J. - former corporate executive in MO - $5,800 in first 10 days.

Kathy B. - gramma in FL - $2,400 in first 13 days. 

Steve C. – a laid-off corporate manager in CO = $1,200 in first 7 days.

Gary C. - stay home dad in CA - $2,800 in first 2 weeks. 

Linda P. - hair stylist in MN - $6,800 in first 21 days.

Seth W. - construction worker in AK - $7,200 in first 21 days.

Amy R. - nurse in AZ - $9,400 in first month.

Jim T. - fireman in CA - $12,800 in first month.

Gosh, I’ve been having so much fun that I wasn’t paying attention to the fact that it’s 
been at least 20 days since I sent you the first HappyGram – and in that time you could 
have made and received some of the same kind of money that my other friends have been 

So, here you have it – my heartfelt apology. In fact, I’m begging you to give me one last 
chance to tell you about it.

Just 5 minutes of your time and you’ll see how you can earn and receive an extra $1,200 
in the next 3-4 days, without disturbing anything you are doing right now. In fact we’ll 
show you how to earn TRAINLOADS of money, and have a ton of fun doing it!

Call today: 

Toll Free # 1-888-674-9802

Cheering for you,
Steve Christofferson

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