Background using anti-Myc obtained from Roche in immunolocalisation.

Susanne van Schelven susannevanschelven at hotmail.com
Mon May 2 09:16:03 EST 2005


I have transfected mouse fibroblast cells with a pBK-CMV vector
containing a myc tagged protein. Now I'm determing its cellulair
localisation using a monoclonal mouse antibody against Myc (Roche) as
first antibody and a DAM-Cy2 as seconde antibody. My problem is that I
detecting a lot of signal in the cytoplasma of my wild type cells what
should not contain a Myc tag. I think it is caused by crossreaction.
Who had this problem befor and/or knows how to get rid of it.

Thanks in advance.

Susanne van Schelven.

Utrecht University

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