[Fluorescent-proteins] Re: vital red fluorescent DNA stain

Jos Broers jos.broers at molcelb.unimaas.nl
Thu Sep 15 06:22:23 EST 2005

Dear Huseyin, I found DRAQ, which binds to DNA in living cells. However,
apparently binding is toxic and cells dye within minutes after addition of
DRAQ, so you cannot use it to follow behaviour of cells in time.

Kind regards


On 15-09-2005 04:04, "Huseyin Sumer" <huseyin.sumer at med.monash.edu.au>

> Dear Jos,
> I came across your question on GFP and using a vital red fluorescent dye
> for DNA staining on the web. Did you get anywhere with all this? I am
> also looking into using an alternate to H33342 and GFP, your help will
> be greatly appreciated.
> kind regards
> Huseyin
> _________________________________________________________________
> Dear reader,
> Currently I am examining  living cells with Green Fluorescent Protein
> and I want to combine this with a red fluorescent dye to visualize DNA
> in vital cells using confocal laser scanning microscopy. I cannot use
> Hoechst or other dyes with UV excitation, since cells will be damaged
> and since our laser cannot excite Hoechst. Does anyone know of a vital
> red fluorescent DNA dye with absorption spectrum around 567 nm and
> emission above 600 nm? I already tried several dyes from Molecular
> Probes (Syto-17 and Syto-64) but they appear to stain no nuclear DNA in
> living eukaryotic cells.
> Thank you very much for your reply.
> Jos Broers

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