[Fluorescent-proteins] Questions about protein quantification

Trond Erik Vee Aune via fluorpro%40net.bio.net (by trondaun from REMOVE.nt.ntnu.no)
Mon May 26 08:13:13 EST 2008


I've recently transferred from academia into industry and have stumbled 
onto a problem.

I need a tag that can be used N-terminally to quantify expression of its 
fusion partner - ideally in vivo. I was thinking about GFP, or one of 
its derivates, but I think this protein might be patented. I've tried 
searching for relevant patents without success. Can anyone confirm that 
I need a license for the use of GFP (or any of its derivates) for 
industrial gene expression quantification?

What alternatives are there? Can luciferase be used in vivo (will 
luciferin enter the cells)? Is its use protected?

I'd rather not use antibodies since this is expresive, cumbersome and 
must be done in vitro.

Kind regards,
Trond Erik Vee Aune

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