[Fluorescent-proteins] LED for fluorescence

sandra schulze via fluorpro%40net.bio.net (by heterochromatic from gmail.com)
Wed Dec 9 15:38:13 EST 2009

Hello all, and seasonal greetings!

I am considering purchasing a fluorescence scope for my lab. this
is a work-horse scope - for trouble shooting, getting incubation and
fixation times right etc. The pretty pictures will be taken at a core
facility, with a fancy schmanzy scope.

The fluors I use are DAPI, FITC and/or GFP, TRITC and/or rhodamine.

I want to avoid yucky mercury or metal halide lamps wot might get left
on and blow up or at the least cost a fortune to replace. I am
considering a bottom of the line research grade scope (I think called
Aksioscop A1) from Zeiss with their clever LED illumination source.
This source includes separate LEDs for each excitation frequency.

Anybody out there have experience with this? It aint cheap but i have
the money now and probably never will again so carpe diem etc. (or
perhaps caveat emptor???).

Hugely greatful for any feedback,



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