[Fluorescent-proteins] A strange phenomenon when labeling microparticles with a fluorophore

assa sittner via fluorpro%40net.bio.net (by assa.work from gmail.com)
Tue Oct 11 08:15:38 EST 2011

I've been labeling microparticles with an NHS-labeled fluorophore and at a
certain range of stoichiometries, as I increase the amount of fluorophore,
the fluorescence of a single microparticle (measured by FACS) decreases.....
when looking at the pelleted particles, the pellet looks more colored when I
use more dye.
to some up:
at a certain range of
MORE dye per microparticle-> More absorption (by eye, looking at the
particle pellet) LESS fluorescence (single microparticle, by FACS)
 LESS dye per microparticle-> Less absorption (by eye, looking at the
particle pellet) MORE fluorescence (single microparticle, by FACS)
Is there a certain density effect that reduces the fluorescence at high
If anyone has encountered such a thing, could you refer me to some

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