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Tue Jun 17 07:59:44 EST 2014

I built my own LED system a few years ago, for measuring voltage sensitive dyes in neuronal culture, as HBO lamps are not bright enough at the required wavelengths. They are great! no warm-up time, instant on, so no need for shutters, and cheap if you DIY.


On Wednesday, December 9, 2009 9:38:13 PM UTC+1, sandra schulze wrote:
> Hello all, and seasonal greetings!
> I am considering purchasing a fluorescence scope for my lab. this
> is a work-horse scope - for trouble shooting, getting incubation and
> fixation times right etc. The pretty pictures will be taken at a core
> facility, with a fancy schmanzy scope.
> The fluors I use are DAPI, FITC and/or GFP, TRITC and/or rhodamine.
> I want to avoid yucky mercury or metal halide lamps wot might get left
> on and blow up or at the least cost a fortune to replace. I am
> considering a bottom of the line research grade scope (I think called
> Aksioscop A1) from Zeiss with their clever LED illumination source.
> This source includes separate LEDs for each excitation frequency.
> Anybody out there have experience with this? It aint cheap but i have
> the money now and probably never will again so carpe diem etc. (or
> perhaps caveat emptor???).
> Hugely greatful for any feedback,
> Thanks,
> Sandra

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