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Paratenic host?

Omar O. Barriga oobarrig at pop.service.ohio-state.edu
Sat Nov 9 17:49:01 EST 1996

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>Hello everyone!

>Could someone give me:
>- an exact definition of what the "paratenic" status is?
>- the substantive corresponding with the adjective "paratenic"?
>- the translation of the greek roots of the substantive?

>Thank a lot for the help!

>Jean-François Magnaval, M.D., Dr.Sc..
>Lab. Parasitologie
>CHU Purpan
>31059 Toulouse France
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I define paratenic host as that host that permits the maintenance but not the
development of a larval parasite. My classic example is Toxocara canis in mice.
It differs from the intermediate host because it is not necessary for the 
cycle of the parasite. I tell my students that paratenic (or transport) hosts 
allow the parasite to persist in nature during periods of rough environmental 
condition under the comparative milder environment of these host.
Paratenic may come from Gr. para = next to, close to, and taxes = arrengement, 
thisa is, someone who finds refuge nedt to you. 
The noun (substantive) may be "parataxis" although I can't be sure, English is 
my sefcond language.
If anybody has a differnt opiniuon about this, HE/SHE IS WRONG 
[Just kidding. guys :-) ] . . . I'd like to hear them.

	Hope it helped,

				Omar O. Barriga 

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