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Thu Nov 14 11:07:33 EST 1996

Reply to Mark A.

I am prone to agree with your reviewer.  The Truss statement based on 20
years of clinical practice is the first step in how the scientific theory of proof
gets started.  Based on his best observations he feels that there is cause and
effect relationship between antibiotic usage and yeast infections.  Assuming
anyone cares about this idea enough to give him a grant, he would need to
test the hypothesis by establishing protocols to follow patients, monitor their
vaginal flora and relate it to the ingestion of antibiotics.  At this time, all Truss
has is anecdotal evidence with no knowledge of how common yeast infections
are in people who either do not ingest frequent mass quantities of antibiotics
or who see other more intelligent physicians.  Secondly, be advised, that in
almost all healthy people, the liver does a superb job of conjugating and
excreting toxins that are found in the circulation.  The Health Food Industry
notwithstanding (in fact, totally lacking in understanding!) the colon is not a
repository for toxins that need to be flushed out.  If anything, most if not all
home remedies tend to be toxins when taken in the quantities recommended.

The widespread acceptance of this kind of observational, anecdotal science
seems to gain widespread acceptance by people with little or no science
background.  Always, ask where are the studies to test the observational
hypothesis, and even more importantly, what and how good were the controls. 

Thanks for a provocative question to the group.

--Steve Kayes

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Dear All,
In his book entitled "The Missing Diagnosis" (1986, Missing Diagnosis
Inc., Birmingham), Dr. C.O. Truss posits the theory, after 20 years as a
physician, that chronic parasitic yeast infections in men and women are
directly related to the widespread use of broad spectrum antibiotics which kill
off "friendly" flora and allow Candida albicans to proliferate and flood the body
with toxins.  I have written about this theory in a recent paper.  A reviewer has
stated that "the evidence for this is grossly lacking and which most
practitioners regard as absurd".
I would welcome any further criticism on this issue, especially from those who
may have read this book.
Mark Armitage
Azusa Pacific University

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